Physical Science with Ms. Kennedy

Week of 1/11/17


  • Complete Thinking Map Activity from Friday
  • Begin Speed Lab


Friday: Complete Input Output Stations (Speed/Velocity/Acceleration)

Week of 2/13/17

Monday: Finish Inquiry Stations:

     Assess It  Copy questions and answer in your IAN on page 16 

     (Log in to Seesaw and submit your answers via a photo)

     Explore It: Squishy Circuits ​(Using Seesaw, video or photograph    

     your squishy circuits and submit them) Answer your questions

     for Explore on page 16 (Remember to submit via Seesaw)

     Illustrate It and Write It need to be completed in your IAN on

     page 17

Tuesday: Circuit Projects

Wednesday: Circuit Projects

Thursday: Series/Parallel Circuits Quiz

Friday: Complete Circuit Projects

​​Week of 3/27/17

Monday: Quiz-EM Waves and Light

Tuesday: Sound Wave Inquiry Stations

Wednesday: Sound Waves Inquiry Stations

Thursday: Georgia Power Presentation

Friday: Wave Unit Review

Week of 2/6/17

Monday: Guest Teacher-Seesaw Tutorial 

Tuesday: Lab-Will it Light Up? 

READ-IT Station-Parallel/Series Circuits

  • After you read your article
  • Go to page 14 in your IAN
  • Put this as your heading: First and last name, date, and Read-It Circuits
  • Answer your Read-It Questions, in your notebook, on page 14
  • Go to Seesaw
  • Choose Take a Picture and take a pic of your answers from your IAN
  • Submit the pic to Seesaw

Wednesday: Career Cruising with Mrs. G

  • WATCH-IT/RESEARCH-IT Stations-Circuits: BrainPop Video
  • Copy your research questions on page 14 in your IAN and answer in at least 1 paragraph

Week of 3/13/17

Monday: Waves Inquiry Stations

Tuesday: Waves Inquiry Stations

Wednesday: Wave Characteristics

Thursday: Slinky Lab OR Grade Recovery

Friday: Waves QR Code Review, Quiz on Wave Properties



Week of 1/16/17



  • Complete Notes
  • Begin Speed/Velocity/Acceleration Packet

Thursday: Speed/Velocity/Acceleration

Week of 3/6/17

Monday: Electromagnet Stations

Waves: Stations          Video: Watch-It


​​Week of 3/20/17

Monday: Electromagnetic Spectrum Inquiry Stations (Light Waves)

Tuesday: Electromagnetic Spectrum Inquiry Stations

              Explore It: EM Waves

Wednesday: Notes-Electromagnetic Spectrum

Thursday: Quiz-Electromagnetic Spectrum

Friday: Sound Waves Inquiry Stations

Week of 1/30/17

Monday: Review Motion Unit Test or start Electricity Stations

  • ​Explore It: Phet Simulations-See boxes to the right

Tuesday: Continue working on Electricity Stations

Wednesday: Complete and Review Electricity Stations

Thursday: Quiz-Electricity

Friday: Lab-Will it Light Up?